modern day info- Is it too much?
 I've recently started reading book called "The Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson.  Very interesting book if you have time or a chance to read it I very much recommend it.  Any way reading about the history of some of the greatest minds in history I started thinking "man just look at what these people accomplished with such limited access to information."  Look at what we have now with the internet and computers. I can literally at anytime find out what is happening in Japan at that moment, or find out whats the latest and greatest new physics ideas with just a few keystrokes!  Simply amazing!!  Also not even that long ago maybe as little as 20 years ago you would have to read books to get any real information on any lengthy subject which depending on the book and its length could take days or weeks.  Now I can turn on the netflix and watch an hour and a half video and get the exact same info.  Information comes at us so fast now! When I brought this up with a co-worker he said to me " and what do you think having access to all this information does the human brain and how it develops?"   WOW!!!  it just made me think to myself "Jeez with all this information so easily accessible no wonder kids have ADHD!"   just think about it, now a days it takes a kid minutes instead of hours or days to find and research a subject then it could maybe take a couple hours to go thru that information instead of days or weeks.  Its so easy for a kid to get started on one subject and after couple mins or hours, move on to the new subject that peaks their interest.  I watched 8 different documentaries on Netflix with topics ranging from The Beatles to what death really is and when does the human body "actually die".  I learned about the history of dogs and how humans bred them to fit their needs.  I learned about the history of "The Buddha" and who he was as a historical figure. This took me about 9-10 hours, where as shortly as 20 years ago I would have had to read thick books taking me days or weeks for each subject.  I would really like to see someone research and study what effects having all this information does to a child's development.  While "The Age of Information" maybe mankind's greatest achievement it may also cause future generations to grow lazy possibly even dumber, because they dont have to work as hard for anything.  In a few generations we may never hear the term "My life's work" ever again it could be shorted to "My years work". Lets just hope too much info isn't mankind's downfall. 

Writer's Block: Tales from the rift
If you could travel back in time and ask any deceased political figure (famous or infamous) a single question, who would you choose, and what would you ask?

I would want to meet Abe Lincoln and ask him if he really had a premonition about his own death, did he know he was going to get assassinated the night he headed to Ford's  Theatre

Now a days
 So what the fuck is going on?!!?!?  There is so many things going on with politicians.  It seems like everyone you hear about running for office has done something wrong. I challenge any politician in MN to convince the public that they are not on the "pay-roll"!  How can every person in office have a personal agenda?, and i dont mean they are helping their high school.  I want to vote this november but i feel like there is no one to vote for. They are all liars, or they all have some kind of personal agenda!  who can i vote on!?! I wish I had the answer. if i could i would love to run for a position, help people out. but i have never been to any kind of law school.  Thats what it takes. You have to have a law degree.  But i bet i can answer a lot of modern problems better than they can.  go ahead if u read this, I challenge you.  If You are a politician you will get extra notice, come on get that publicity you need, ask me a problem give me a senario, i willl answer better than you!!

at home
 So first I would like to start with the movie I saw tonight. Jackass 3D. It was awesome!! The best one yet. I laughed so hard i was crying.  The shit those guys are dong now is insane. Plus its in 3D which is always good to me. Before the movie Tasha and I went to culvers to eat cause one of the frat houses were having a fundraiser. Since the dollar tree was across the parking lot we went there afterward. There we found a red dress for Daisy, and of course it was only a dollar :)  Another positive note with Daisy  she finally warmed up to my buddy Drew. She has been afraid of him for a month and a half, wouldnt go near him and now she is sitting on his lap! She just jumped up on his lap all by herself like they were best friends.  So me and my girlfriend  started watching heroes. Ive already seen the 1st season but she hasnt.  Its really good so I dont mind watching the 1st season again.  I also just rented the video game spider-man shattered dimensions.  Its a pretty good game. The controls get alittle glitchy at times. the story is ok, a tablet with powers gets broken, shattering the dimensions and u have to collect the pieces from various spiderman villains.

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I've been home for 4 days now since vacation. Even though i had a lot of fun on vacation its good to be home again.  I finally put my app in to the Olive Garden.  Its my last resort for getting a job. Im about 95% sure they will hire me back, mainly because they are hiring right now. My buddy Drew who moved down here recently from Brainerd broke up with his new girlfriend, an old friend of ours. So he's been hanging out more which is cool. I mean thats the reason I wanted drew to move down here in the first place.  We went to an open mic night at acoustic cafe but the cafe billed it wrong and it was actually a band playing. idiots. But the band was cool and said hey people showed up for open mic lets make it open mic.  So Drew went up and played 4 songs. He did awesome!! Next time i hope to be playing with him.  The band who were suppose to play just let everyone plug into their PA.  They liked Drew a lot. They told him to email them and if they play in town again Drew can open for them. That would be awesome.  This whole week has been homecoming at WSU.  Tomorrow is the football game, so I plan to wake up and start drinking i want to have a good buzz for the game and it starts at one. Im excited!!!  Also red boxed Iron Man 2 and MacGruber. I knew Iron Man was good i didn't even make it half way thru MacGruber. I didn't think it was very good at all. 

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 So today we leave for Florida. Our flight is at 8 so we will get to the airport around 6am.  I dont know if we have a lay over.  We will be meeting Tasha's sister at the airport. We will be meeting Tasha's mom in Florida. Our  final destination will be Orlando Florida. I know that the "Not So Scary Halloween Party" on sat, thats all I really know about this trip for stuff planned.  We went to MOA to give Daisy to my sister. My mom is watching her while we are gone on the trip. Tasha and i will miss her alot but she will have fun.  When we were at the mall 2 of Tashas friends got ahold of her to hang out.  I would say my friends but joel doesnt like me cause im dating tasha. he liked her first.  The other guy, Matt, whom i dont like. He slept with my ex girlfriend while we were dating.  So Joel and Matt wanted to see Tasha but I was with her and I didnt want to hang out with Matt. I told her that and she told joel who said i was being a big baby about it, but really?! the dude slept with my girlfriend at the time then had her lie about it to me so he could still come over and hang out. I dont think he deserves my time so I dont want to see him. So ya Joel got pissed and They left the mall.  Tasha and I ate at the restaurant called Kokomo. It was good We had the egg roll appetizer which was good. I got a chicken sandwich with a raspberry inferno sauce, swiss, and pineapple. It wasnt bad. The pineapple was a nice surprise. Tasha got the tilapia which I thought would be like regular tilapia, but they had it wrapped in corn husk with peppers, onions, rice, and seasoning. It was all wrapped and cooked together it was sooo moist and flavorful. Wow! Great way to cook fish.  After dinner tasha and i went looking at engagement rings.  Man was that an experience! So first, the price wow, I knew it would be expensive but even a $1000 ring was mediocre at best. Im going to have to save alot more money than i thought.  Im lucky though Tasha likes the more simpler rings (which also means cheaper to guys). The cool thing was I got to look at rings for me too. There are some pretty cool ones.  Im definitely not getting just a plain silver one.  It was kinda weird looking at the rings at first, neither one of us had ever done it and of course the pressure from the sales person to buy something.  Once we started looking and had gone to a couple of places it wasn't bad but the sales people were still desperate for a sale. After we left the mall we went and checked into the hotel, then visited my buddy Anthony from high school.  He is always a fun guy and added a little green and its always a good time. We drove around for about 20 mins then headed to Applebees to watch the twins game. The place was packed lame, on to Old Chicago i guess. Tasha had a bloddy mary, Anthony had a cpt coke and he also shared with me a beer sample which was 4 4oz samples of beer. We got the old style foreign beers which i know had Stella and guiness. I dont remember the other two beers. Twins lost. Im at the hotel right now smoking and and drinking nestea, I got a n early morning so no beer.

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 Hello, Im excited to start writing on livejournel. So right now im watching the movie called Altered States. It was made in 1980. I picked it up at a garage sale for 25c which hey cant beat that! Right?! I have been drinking.  Not heavily but i've got a buzz. I sat around today. Didn't accomplish much. I think my most productive thing was i did the dishes, which ain't bad.  I still cant find a job. This town sux. My buddy who just moved down here is also looking for a job but he has had no luck either.  Its good having a friend around again, if only he would actually come over and hang out with me instead of just using my internet.  I got my halloween costume today. im going to be mario. My girlfriend is going to be peach, now if we could only find a Yoshi costume for Daisy. SO im treating this entry like a regular journal entry but i hope to have some good discussions on here.   I will say what i have to say and if you would like to say something back then yay. So I leave in 2 days for Florida with my girlfriends sister and her family, and her mom. We will see how the trip goes. I hope to be able to make posts while i am away but thats up to my girlfriend and if she decides to bring her laptop. We are going to Florida for Halloween activities. Going to disneyland and a halloween party, hopefully go to universal. They have a Harry Potter universe.  The only thing i am worried about is my Girlfriends mom doesn't really care for me. She thinks i am with her daughter for the wrong reasons which im not by the way. So we will she how she acts toward me.  She lives in Alabama so she doesnt spend much time around me , thats why  I dont think she likes me.   SO a couple links real quick.

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