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blueharp09's Journal

9 January
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I live in Minnesota. I went to college for building and repairing guitars, but I have recently become very interested in the harmonica. I think its a great instrument. I have a 4 month old Beagle named Daisy, she is amazing just like her mom :). I love music. I love movies and good TV shows. Another new passion of mine is cooking. I think cooking is a great skill and there's so much you can do with it. That is my current profession. I am an avid gamer. I own a PS3, Wii, PSP, PS2, and a 3DS.
40 year old virgin, aah real monsters, alcohol, alice in wonderland, atmosphere, batman animated series, beach boys, big, biking, billy madison, blues travelers, brother ali, buddy guy, cake, computers, cops, counting crows, danny elfman, dmx, dodgeball, donnie darko, doug, dragonball z, dumb and dumber, encino man, eric johnson, family guy, foo fighters, freaks and geeks, frisbee golf, grandma's boy, halloween movies, hancock, hanging with friends, happy feet, happy gilmor, heroes, hiking, hot tub time machine, hustle and flow, irobot, iron maiden, jackass, james cotton, jimi hendrix, joe satriani, kick-ass, kill bill trilogy, kitchen confidential, knocked up, korn, little walter, lost, ma$e, michael jackson, montley crue, movies, muddy waters, mudvayne, muse, my dog daisy, napolean dynamite, no doubt, paul butterfield, pauly shore is dead, pi, pineapple express, playing bass, playing guitar, playing harmonica, predator, push, red hot chili peppers, rob and big, robert johnson, rocko's modern life, rodrigo y gabriella, running man, rush, seether, singing, slipknot, snatch, son in law, south park, star trek movies, star wars movies, starsky and hutch, step brothers, steve vai, sublime, superbad, tail spin, taken, talladega nights, the beatles, the blues, the chapelle show, the dark knight, the fourth kind, the happening, the harry potter series, the hobbit, the lotr trilogy, the matrix trilogy, the mighty ducks, the muppet show, the professional chef, the reluctant messiah, the simpsons, the social network, tool, undeclared, van halen, video games, wanted, ween, why we cry, wookiefoot, working on guitars, working on harmonica, writing, writing music, xmen cartoon series, zombieland