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at home
 So first I would like to start with the movie I saw tonight. Jackass 3D. It was awesome!! The best one yet. I laughed so hard i was crying.  The shit those guys are dong now is insane. Plus its in 3D which is always good to me. Before the movie Tasha and I went to culvers to eat cause one of the frat houses were having a fundraiser. Since the dollar tree was across the parking lot we went there afterward. There we found a red dress for Daisy, and of course it was only a dollar :)  Another positive note with Daisy  she finally warmed up to my buddy Drew. She has been afraid of him for a month and a half, wouldnt go near him and now she is sitting on his lap! She just jumped up on his lap all by herself like they were best friends.  So me and my girlfriend  started watching heroes. Ive already seen the 1st season but she hasnt.  Its really good so I dont mind watching the 1st season again.  I also just rented the video game spider-man shattered dimensions.  Its a pretty good game. The controls get alittle glitchy at times. the story is ok, a tablet with powers gets broken, shattering the dimensions and u have to collect the pieces from various spiderman villains.

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