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 Hello, Im excited to start writing on livejournel. So right now im watching the movie called Altered States. It was made in 1980. I picked it up at a garage sale for 25c which hey cant beat that! Right?! I have been drinking.  Not heavily but i've got a buzz. I sat around today. Didn't accomplish much. I think my most productive thing was i did the dishes, which ain't bad.  I still cant find a job. This town sux. My buddy who just moved down here is also looking for a job but he has had no luck either.  Its good having a friend around again, if only he would actually come over and hang out with me instead of just using my internet.  I got my halloween costume today. im going to be mario. My girlfriend is going to be peach, now if we could only find a Yoshi costume for Daisy. SO im treating this entry like a regular journal entry but i hope to have some good discussions on here.   I will say what i have to say and if you would like to say something back then yay. So I leave in 2 days for Florida with my girlfriends sister and her family, and her mom. We will see how the trip goes. I hope to be able to make posts while i am away but thats up to my girlfriend and if she decides to bring her laptop. We are going to Florida for Halloween activities. Going to disneyland and a halloween party, hopefully go to universal. They have a Harry Potter universe.  The only thing i am worried about is my Girlfriends mom doesn't really care for me. She thinks i am with her daughter for the wrong reasons which im not by the way. So we will she how she acts toward me.  She lives in Alabama so she doesnt spend much time around me , thats why  I dont think she likes me.   SO a couple links real quick.

For people who like harmonica:
For people like jon Stewart and what he stands for:
Something funny:
For music lovers:

                                                                                                                                            PEACE :)


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