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 So today we leave for Florida. Our flight is at 8 so we will get to the airport around 6am.  I dont know if we have a lay over.  We will be meeting Tasha's sister at the airport. We will be meeting Tasha's mom in Florida. Our  final destination will be Orlando Florida. I know that the "Not So Scary Halloween Party" on sat, thats all I really know about this trip for stuff planned.  We went to MOA to give Daisy to my sister. My mom is watching her while we are gone on the trip. Tasha and i will miss her alot but she will have fun.  When we were at the mall 2 of Tashas friends got ahold of her to hang out.  I would say my friends but joel doesnt like me cause im dating tasha. he liked her first.  The other guy, Matt, whom i dont like. He slept with my ex girlfriend while we were dating.  So Joel and Matt wanted to see Tasha but I was with her and I didnt want to hang out with Matt. I told her that and she told joel who said i was being a big baby about it, but really?! the dude slept with my girlfriend at the time then had her lie about it to me so he could still come over and hang out. I dont think he deserves my time so I dont want to see him. So ya Joel got pissed and They left the mall.  Tasha and I ate at the restaurant called Kokomo. It was good We had the egg roll appetizer which was good. I got a chicken sandwich with a raspberry inferno sauce, swiss, and pineapple. It wasnt bad. The pineapple was a nice surprise. Tasha got the tilapia which I thought would be like regular tilapia, but they had it wrapped in corn husk with peppers, onions, rice, and seasoning. It was all wrapped and cooked together it was sooo moist and flavorful. Wow! Great way to cook fish.  After dinner tasha and i went looking at engagement rings.  Man was that an experience! So first, the price wow, I knew it would be expensive but even a $1000 ring was mediocre at best. Im going to have to save alot more money than i thought.  Im lucky though Tasha likes the more simpler rings (which also means cheaper to guys). The cool thing was I got to look at rings for me too. There are some pretty cool ones.  Im definitely not getting just a plain silver one.  It was kinda weird looking at the rings at first, neither one of us had ever done it and of course the pressure from the sales person to buy something.  Once we started looking and had gone to a couple of places it wasn't bad but the sales people were still desperate for a sale. After we left the mall we went and checked into the hotel, then visited my buddy Anthony from high school.  He is always a fun guy and added a little green and its always a good time. We drove around for about 20 mins then headed to Applebees to watch the twins game. The place was packed lame, on to Old Chicago i guess. Tasha had a bloddy mary, Anthony had a cpt coke and he also shared with me a beer sample which was 4 4oz samples of beer. We got the old style foreign beers which i know had Stella and guiness. I dont remember the other two beers. Twins lost. Im at the hotel right now smoking and and drinking nestea, I got a n early morning so no beer.

I cant forget links
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