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Now a days
 So what the fuck is going on?!!?!?  There is so many things going on with politicians.  It seems like everyone you hear about running for office has done something wrong. I challenge any politician in MN to convince the public that they are not on the "pay-roll"!  How can every person in office have a personal agenda?, and i dont mean they are helping their high school.  I want to vote this november but i feel like there is no one to vote for. They are all liars, or they all have some kind of personal agenda!  who can i vote on!?! I wish I had the answer. if i could i would love to run for a position, help people out. but i have never been to any kind of law school.  Thats what it takes. You have to have a law degree.  But i bet i can answer a lot of modern problems better than they can.  go ahead if u read this, I challenge you.  If You are a politician you will get extra notice, come on get that publicity you need, ask me a problem give me a senario, i willl answer better than you!!


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